The code of rules governing the playing of kickball games by teams who comprise The Circuit is the Official Rulebook of Kickball365.

Official Rulebook of Kickball365


Official Rulebook of Kickball365 v.2015
(Download PDF)

Last modification: March 6, 2015, Rules Committee

Circuit Policies

Structure of The Circuit v.2015
Terms & Conditions v.2015
Transfer Policy v.2015
Weather Policy v.2015

Social Leagues

Official Rulebook of Kickball365 – Social Version (PDF)
Social vs. Circuit League differences? Cheat Sheet
Last modification: Feb 1, 2014, Rules Committee

Resources for Referees

Official Rulebook Exam v.2015
ASA Umpires Referee Guide v.2015
Official General Game Management Pointers
Official Card Discipline Cheat Sheet

Rules Committee

John Wilkinson, Chair
Arianna Auxter*
Eddie Chang
Tim Domalik
Courtney Efrid*
Roy Gifford
Tyler Granlund
Chris Holland
Lea Leverington*
Mark Lundquist
Seth McDonald*
Dave McMillen
Don Prince*
Christopher Zeigler

* New Member for 2015

Kickball is turning into recognized sport and its rules must be interpreted wherever the game is played. Kickball365 introduced a policy in 2010 of ongoing training for its Circuit Referees to ensure that open competitive tournament standards continue to improve and applied the same way everywhere. Every October the Kickball365 EXEC Committee with the Rules Committee hosts an open Summit to discuss proposed changes for the coming year.

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